Sunday, 20 January 2013

Get down with the sickness

Hello my little butt nuggets. I know it's been about two months since I last did a post, but I haven't had as lit to say really.

But these past few weeks I've been a bit ill. I'd been getting some strong headaches on my left temple, sometimes it even made my jaw ache (no blowjob jokes), a couple of times, the whole of the side of my face hurt.

I took a lot of painkillers to try to stop it, even took Nurofen plus once, which contains codeine.  I've also had a bit of diarrhoea and a cough. I still have the cough, but I have for a while  

But it's ok now, I only get headaches when I don't get enough sleep. Which has been happening a bit more recently because my dad has been getting me up early to do various things before I go to work.

Once he even woke me up at 6.50 to tell me to be up at 8 to go to the hospital with him (he needed new hearing aids). Why he couldn't just wake me up at 8 is anyone's guess. I could have got an extra hour sleep.

Anyway, I think that's all I wanna say. I thought I would post something since its been a while. Leave a comment, preferably not anonymously.

See y'all soon. Maybe



  1. Im going to SLFTC, Sri Lanka Fried Tasty Chicken and ask for 100% Hetro Butt Nuggets. I will let you all know the outcome is....

  2. Try going to bed earlier instead of moaning about having to get up early

  3. He does go to bed early actually but if someone kept constantly waking you up on your days off you'd be moaning too